Generating, reducing, reusing and recycling industrial materials – find out how JBS Ambiental supports

the business by focusing on the sustainability cycle


JBS reuses waste throughout its production processes and the reuse cycle creates jobs and has a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment. JBS Ambiental has 10 units working full time on reusing waste generated by its units. The waste is separated, washed, cataloged by the waste management centers and then shipped to its waste management center and recycling plant in Lins (SP), where it is processed and converted into raw materials or end products. The JBS Ambiental plastic waste management process produces a range of recycled plastic products. They include trash bags, tarpaulins, plastic bags and even customized products.


Additionally, all recyclable, unrecyclable and hazardous waste is properly disposed of, all waste disposal trucks are tracked and the process is certified by audited suppliers. The process also complies with all regulations issued by environmental and other regulators.


This major effort has become a success case recognized by the Ethos Institute and by Sustainability Benchmarking, which certifies waste disposal at units managed by JBS and other clients.


The knowledge acquired from the circular economy for plastics also helped the business unit develop a new business in 2017: supplying foodstuff packaging.