Swift was created in the USA in 1855, by visionary Gustavus F. Swift, who quickly revolutionized the way meat was processed, distributed and marketed.

Since creating its first animal processing line, the brand has continued to grow and develop and is now part of the lives of thousands of people worldwide. The company has grown and increased its visibility since 2007, when it was acquired by JBS. In the following years, an innovative strategy elevated Swift to a level occupied by few brands, as it created its own sales channels and eliminated intermediaries, allowing it to reach out to consumers directly.

As a result, Swift is able to guarantee full control of the entire production chain, from animal selection through to detailed shipping temperature controls and point-of-sale display guidelines.

The brand is committed to feeding a better life and communicating on health, well-being and nutrition. It also supports sustainable initiatives at all its stores and distribution centers in order to make savings and increase water and energy recycling.

Swift sales channels

Swift stores

Swift stores are staffed by experienced sales personnel who can discuss protein, suggests cuts and offer tips on how to prepare each product, with all the cordiality people have come to expect from the Swift brand.


Swift vans

Swift brings its high quality products to hundreds of customers along routes that include residential and business condominiums, creating a unique and innovative purchasing experience.

Further information: www.swift.com.br