Seara is a JBS business unit that manages the brands Seara, Doriana, Delicata, Rezende, LeBon, Frangosul, Tekitos, Texas Burger, Confiança, Big Frango, Hansamong others. The company is backed by a large, diversified structure for chicken, poultry, pork, turkey and food processing.

Seara has 52 manufacturing units and 14 distribution centers that create, produce and process foodstuffs and manage supplies, orders, customer service, shipping, warehousing, distribution and other areas.

JBS acquires Seara

Since 2013, following the acquisition of Seara, the company has reformulated all of its product lines in order to offer consumers even more quality. Not only did the company add a strong brand to its already significant portfolio, it created 120 new products in just two years, supporting them with significant marketing investments and an increased point-of-sale presence.

In 2014, Seara launched the “You Will Be Surprised by the Quality” campaign involving brand ambassador journalist Fátima Bernardes, to reposition the brand, create closer ties with consumers and encourage them to try something new.  The same year, Seara refocused on solutions that would surprise its customers by meeting specific requirements in each market segment while building trust and increasing efficiency. In 2015 the company launched over 100 new products, like the Assa Fácil and Frango DaGranja ranges. To support this consumer service focus, the company has been investing in global consumer, market and food trend mapping and improved processes.

In 2016, Seara invested in an advertising campaign to reformulate its visual identity and make its packaging more attractive and informative.

JBS has a highly efficient team which increased market share in a number of strategic segments and has been working hard to further strengthen ties with customers and consumers, presenting high added-value products and well-known brands that offer quality and support social and environmental responsibility.

The result is a company that consistently delivers the best possible results through brands that are admired by consumers, while innovating in various segments and ensuring operational excellence at every JBS unit worldwide and further improving the company’s corporate governance and management structure.


Seara offers a wide range of high-quality products that consumers can trust. These are some of our food categories:

Ready-to-eat Dishes: The main characteristics of this range are its practicality and convenience allied with flavor, variety and quality. The frozen options in this range include: lasagnas, shepherd’s pie, pasta, stroganoff, yakissoba, poultry and pork meat. The range also offers practical sandwiches and pizzas;

Margarines and pâtés: The margarine range is divided into light and conventional categories in a variety of sizes. Our pâtés are also available in a range of convenient sizes;

Hamburgers, Breaded Products, Kibbes and Meatballs: This category of frozen foods includes a range of products that offer great taste and practicality, such as hamburgers, breaded products, steaks, kibbes and meatballs produced using rigorous quality controls and selected ingredients;

Cold cuts: These products are represented by well-known brands and are available nationwide via our extensive distribution network. This range includes ham, turkey breast, light meats, salami, mortadella, raw, dried and smoked sausages and other products;

In Natura: We offer the largest range of in natura products on the market for customers who want refrigerated and frozen products as well as seasoned cuts. Seasonal products include our seasoned turkey, the Fiesta and the seasoned leg of pork.


Seara focuses on the poultry, pork and processed, packaged and frozen foods segments for the Brazilian and export markets. The unit works closely with customers and suppliers to develop higher added-value products that focus on quality and build market recognition.

In 2005, the business unit processed 1.3 billion birds and 4.9 million hogs, consolidating its position as Brazil’s second-largest company in the industry. Seara assesses its processes and drives innovation to ensure it is able to meet consumer requirements and generate new business.

The Consumer Insight & Market Intelligence area evaluates the way the market reacts to each product to measure strengths and areas for improvement and detect new product opportunities.


Seara has consolidated its position on the domestic and international markets because it focuses on producing safe, high-quality products and guarantees maximum safety throughout the manufacturing process, from the production line to the consumer’s table.

Brazilians are some of the most demanding customers in the world, which means trusted brands are even more valuable for the company. All plants are approved for special markets and are on the Ministry of Agriculture lists. They also adhere to national and international legislation and comply with specific customer and market codes.

Seara was the first pork and poultry company in Latin America to receive the ISO 9000:94 quality certificate, certified 100% of processes at all its industrial and commercial units in the 1990s. The company subsequently migrated to the ISO 9001:2000 quality system, which is currently based on process controls.

  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System Requirements
  • ISO 17025 – General Requirements for the Test and Calibration Laboratories
  • SWA – Supplier Workplace Accountability
  • GlobalGAP – Global Farm and Livestock Chain Certificate.
  • Swiss Law
  • BRC – British Retail Consortium
  • ALO SR 916.51 – Certifies controls for medications and chemical products use to breed chickens
  • CFM – Global feed manufacturing certificate
  • BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative




Amparo – SP

Brasília – DF

Caarapó – MS

Campo Mourão – PR

Carambeí – PR

Caxias – RS

Dourados – MS

Forquilhinha – SC

Frederico Westphalen – RS

Garibaldi – RS

Guapiaçu – SP

Ipumirim – SC

Itaiópolis – SC

Itapetininga – SP

Itapiranga – SC

Jacarezinho – PR

Jaguapitã – PR

Lapa – PR

Montenegro – RS

Morro Grande – SC

Nova Veneza – SC

Nuporanga – SP

Passo Fundo – RS

Passos – MG

Rolândia – PR

Santa Fé – PR

Santo Inácio – PR

São Gonçalo – BA

São José – SC

São Miguel do Oeste – SC

Seara – SC

Sidrolândia – MS

Tangará da Serra – MT

Três Passos – RS

Trindade do Sul – RS

Uberaba – MG

Veríssimo – MG



Bom Retiro do Sul – RS

Brasília – DF

Carambeí – PR

Caxias – RS (Ana Rech)

Dourados – MS

Duque de Caxias – RJ

Frederico Westphalen – RS

Itapiranga – SC

Jaguariuna – SP

Lages – SC

Montenegro – RS

Osasco – SP

Rio Grande Da Serra – SP

Roca Sales – RS

Salto Veloso – SC

Santa Cruz do Sul – RS

São Gonçalo – BA

São Miguel do Oeste – SC

Seara – SC

Três Passos – RS


Distribution Centers

São Paulo – SP

Bebedouro – SP

Brasília – DF

Campinas – SP

Campo Grande – MS

Caucaia – CE

Cuiabá – MT

Duque de Caxias – RJ

Montenegro – RS

Nova Santa Rita – RS

Recife – PE

Ribeirão das Neves – MG

Salvador – BA

São José dos Pinhais – PR