JBS Novos Negócios is responsible for JBS operations that are directly and indirectly linked to the company’s core business. The company transforms coproducts and waste from beef, pork and chicken processing into high added-value products, generating value for the company and developing more sustainable production methods for the entire group.

The unit’s main goal is to find opportunities to add value to the production and post-production system, fulfilling the group’s industrial process requirements and transforming coproducts into high added-value items for partner companies and other segments.

With ten fully independent business units, the company offers JBS a number of competitive advantages and supports national development. The JBS Novos Negócios structure currently includes 12 plants and 49 affiliates. 

JBS Ambiental

JBS created JBS Ambiental in 2004. This unit specializes in managing solid waste generated by JBS plants. The business unit invests in processes, research and technology to promote sustainable disposal and recycling. As a result of the entire plastic waste management process, JBS Ambiental is able to offer a range of recycled products from waste bags, tarpaulins and plastic bags to personalized products.  Operating at ten JBS plants in Brazil, JBS Ambiental is based out of Lins, (SP), where it manages the warehouses used to separate, clean, shred and prepare material for recycling.  JBS Ambiental works with JBS and external customers. To find out more, visit www.jbsambiental.com.br.

JBS Biodiesel

JBS Biodiesel is the world’s largest verticalized producer of tallow-based diesel, producing 310 million liters of biodiesel annually at its plants in Lins, São Paulo, and Campo Verde, in Mato Grosso. The two units are among Brazil’s ten largest biodiesel producers. JBS Biodiesel as received the Social Fuel Seal and helps family farmers by providing technical support, supporting planting and raw material purchases for around 450 families that supply around 700 thousand bags of soybeans annually as part of the National Biodiesel Usage and Production Program (PNPB).
JBS SA’s policy is to continuously improve the quality of its processes and products, to meet the needs of its customers and shareholders, to invest in the training of its employees, to ensure the safety of consumers, in compliance with legal requirements, the community and environment, with a focus on sustainable development.

JBS Natural Casings

Created in 2003, JBS Natural Casings is the world’s largest producer of high quality animal casings for the cold meats segment, such as salamis, sausages, etc. The business unit has obtained several stringent quality certificates and operates two processing units equipped with cutting edge technology and product tracking facilities: Goiânia (GO) and Ituiutaba (MG).

Novaprom Food Ingredients

Founded in 2002, NovaProm® has pioneered beef collagen production and is currently the world’s largest producer of this product. The company plant is based in Guaiçara, in São Paulo’s countryside, and it’s equipped with a wide range of technologies to offer the best product, texture, flavor and yield in accordance with customer requirements. To find out more, visit www.novaprom.com.br.

JBS Embalagens Metálicas

JBS Embalagens Metálicas was created in 1994 and is one of Brazil’s five largest companies in this industry. With production units in Lins and Barretos, in São Paulo’s countryside, this business unit supply cans used to package products requiring protection against physical, chemical and biological interference, including both food products and a range of aerosols for a wide range of sectors.  JBS Embalagens Metálicas produces more than 700 million cans a year.

QUALITY POLICY: JBS EMBALAGENS METÁLICAS has a policy of continuous improvement of its processes and products, meeting the needs of its customers and shareholders, investing in training its employees, respecting the legal requirements, the community and the environment, focusing on sustainable development.

JBS Higiene & Limpeza

The largest soap bar and detergent producer in the B2B segment, JBS Higiene & Limpeza is a mass producer of animal, vegetable and glycerin-based soaps and detergents. It operates high capacity soap bar and detergent production lines and manufactures products for some of Brazil’s largest personal hygiene and cleaning companies. The business unit sells its products to over 50 companies nationwide and exports to customers in Nigeria, Cape Verde, Angola, Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay.

JBS Trading

JBS Trading sells raw materials to the food, personal hygiene, cleaning, biodiesel and other industries, including animal fats, vegetable oils and chemical products.

JBS Transportadora

JBS operates a fleet of over 1,100 trucks in Brazil and is one of the largest road haulers of live animals, dairy products, leather, dry cargoes, containers, etc. The business unit serves the entire country, particularly the Mid-West, Southeast, South and North regions, providing logistics services to a variety of industries and integrity for JBS and partner companies.  JBS Transportadora has 35 branches throughout the country and its entire fleet is tracked by satellite.

TRP Caminhões Seminovos

This business unit purchases brand new trucks and sells preowned trucks and trailers, moving an average of 2 thousand vehicles annually.  To find out more, visit www.trpseminovos.com.br.