JBS Couros

JBS created its leather division in 2009 as an important part of its strategy to add value to the production chain. JBS Couros is the world’s largest leather processing company with 21 manufacturing units and 5 distribution centers on 4 continents. The business unit currently employs around 7.600 employees worldwide and produces Wet Blue, Wet White, Crust and Finished products for the automotive, furniture, shoes and leather goods

With its privileged access to raw materials, proximity to the world’s largest commercial herds and production and distribution platforms in the world’s largest consumer markets mean that JBS Couros sets the bar and is based close to companies that require high-capacity output, quality, guaranteed delivery and security as part of long-lasting partnerships.


JBS Couros produces Wet Blue, Wet White, Crust and Finished products for different segments: automotive, furniture, shoes and leather goods. Each of these sectors has different requirements and to meet them efficiently, the company has dedicated teams working in every area for research and development to end customer service.  

An important part of meeting these needs is selecting the best raw materials and offering a wide range of products that provide the various characteristics each market requires.

JBS Couros monitors every step of every process, from animal transportation, handling and slaughter through to protecting and shipping skins for tanning. Trained inspectors are on site at meatpacking plants to ensure that each stage employs appropriate techniques and equipment to avoid damaging the leather and improve the end product.

JBS Couros has implemented clear and standardized procedures on its leather production lines and is constantly investing in technology and training, making it one of the most modern companies in the world, transforming organic materials into high-quality products that are widely used by global companies.


Units - Wet Blue

Barra do Garças – MT

Cacoal – RO

Colíder – MT

Colorado do Oeste – RO

Marabá – PA

Naviraí – MS

Nova Andradina – MS

Pedra Preta – MT

Porangatu – GO

São Luís de Montes Belos – GO

Cactus – Texas, USA

Units – Semi and Finished

Cascavel – CE

Itumbiara – GO

Lins – SP

Uberlândia – MG

Montenegro – RS

Conceria Priante – Italy

Hoi Chi Minh – Vietnam

Magdalena – Argentina

Montevidéu – Uruguay

Distribution Centers / Commercial Offices

Campo Grande – MS

Arzignano – Italy

Dongguan – China

Hickory – USA

Hong Kong – China


Port Terminal

Santos – SP


JBS Couros labs are fully equipped to verify safety and quality of all products the company ships. Tests are carried out at three stages of production (tanning, retanning and finishing) to ensures it products comply with the highest quality standards on all international markets.

Laboratory teams undergo periodic training and refresher courses to apply and monitor internationally recognized methodologies, ensuring customers can rely on the fact that all JBS leathers are tested in each production lot.

The safety and standardization obtained during laboratory testing is not limited to the company’s production system. Daily tests are also implemented to evaluate effluent treatment in order to avoid environmental damage and comply with all relevant legislation. JBS is also involved in other initiatives such as the Leather Working Group, an organization of major international brands, supplies, retailers and leather industry companies that was set up to develop and maintain a protocol that is used to assess environmental performance throughout the global leather industry and promote best practices.


Leather Working Group (LWG)          



















Colorado do Oeste


Nova Andradina




Pedra Preta


Barra do Garças




São Luis de Montes Belos







Campo Grande


Trader A – 100%


Ho Chi Minh


A – 99,86%

IATF 16949:2016

Montevideo – Uruguay

ISO 9001-2015

Barra do Garças – MT

Cacoal – RO

Cascavel – CE

Itumbiara – GO

Lins – SP

Montenegro – RS

Navirai – MS

São Luis de Montes Belos – GO

São Paulo – SP

Uberlândia – MG

Magdalena – Argentina

Conceria Priante

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

OHSAS 18001:2007


JBS Couros guarantees sustainability through a complex and pioneering social and environmental/traceability system that controls sourcing of all of leather processed by the company.

Cleaner production techniques, new technologies and professional training mean the company is able to make the most efficient use of raw materials and natural resources and while helping to reduce waste and minimize environmental impacts.

Controls are based on rigorous environmental indicators, emissions inventories, involvement in independent initiatives and international certificates from organizations including the GTPS (Sustainable Livestock Working Group), GRSB (The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef), Carbon Disclosure Project, GHG Protocol and the Leather Working Group, which offer transparency while, at the same time, driving advances throughout the supply chain and improving our processes.

JBS Couros has been internationally recognized for environmental efficiency in its raw material processes and controls. 16 of its units have been certified by the Leather Working Group, receiving 14 gold medals and 2 silver medals, and every unit obtained an A grade for traceability.

All business unit sustainability projects are coordinated by a sustainability committee, which is responsible for identifying and implementing more efficient processes and ensuring continuous operational improvement. In parallel, the JBS Couros team is constantly working to find new solutions and ensure that the company complies with international market requirements and best environmental practices.

Restricted Substances

JBS Couros is constantly monitoring process and product safety in every aspect of its operations. The company has implemented a restricted substances policy to control all chemical inputs employed at its units and ensure they are used in accordance with best market practices.

The work done in partnership with some of the world’s largest chemical companies and the company’s involvement in international trade forums, research investment and a full laboratory testing timetable mean JBS Couros is able to constantly monitor the products entering and leaving its units and guarantee compliance with major international regulations best environmental practices.

This policy is updated every six months to ensure it is constantly aligned with global market requirements and to guarantee product quality and safety.