JBS Novos Negócios JBS Novos Negócios is responsible for operations that are directly and indirectly linked to the company’s core business. This business unit transforms coproducts and waste from beef, pork and chicken processing into high added-value products, generating value for JBS and developing more sustainable production methods for the entire group. Find out more
JBS Couros JBS created its leather division in 2009 as an important part of its strategy to add value to the production chain. JBS Couros is the world’s largest leather processing company with 21 manufacturing units and 5 distribution centers on 4 continents. The business unit currently employs around 9 thousand people worldwide and produces wet blue, semi-finished and finished leather for the automotive, furniture, footwear and artifacts industries. Find out more
Swift Mercado da Carne JBS’s innovative strategy has raised Swift to that rarified level occupied by few brands in the world. By creating its own sales channels it has eliminated intermediaries and can now reach end consumers directly, further improving the relationship between the brand and its customers. Find out more
Seara Seara is a JBS business unit that manages the brands Seara, Doriana, Delicata, Rezende, LeBon, Frangosul, Tekitos, Texas Burger, Confiança, Big Frango, Hans among others. The business unit is backed by a large, diversified structure for chicken, poultry, pork, turkey and food processing. Find out more
JBS Carnes JBS Carnes is the JBS beef unit in Brazil and is responsible for brands including Friboi, Maturatta Friboi and Swift Black, among others. The unit manages 36 meatpacking plants in Brazil’s main cattle breeding regions, guaranteeing significant access to raw materials. Furthermore, the 12 strategically-placed distribution centers mean customers can count on stable and ongoing supplies to Brazil’s major beef consumer centers. Find out more