Our Mission

“To be the best at what we put our minds to, focus entirely on our own activities, offering customers the best products and services, building solid relationships with our suppliers and creating value for shareholders and the opportunity of a better future for all our employees.”

Our values


    Committed to results, with a deep understanding of the job and a wider viewpoint. Obstinate, disciplined and focused on detail. Takes a hands-on approach, always tries to be the best at what they do and never gives up. Always available and setting an example. Gets upset, refuses to accept and will not remain quiet when something isn’t working well or can be improved. Pays close attention to costs and saves every penny. Engages with the organization’s culture.



    Obstinate, produces standout results and fulfills commitments. Makes things happen, looks at alternatives to solve problems and engages people to achieve a common goal. Has a sense of urgency, an ownership attitude and never gives up.



    Fulfills promises, arrives on time and keeps appointments. Works with discipline. Focused, pragmatic, optimizes time, energy and resources. Delivers results, does not make up excuses.



    Receptive, accessible, available at all times, is always prepared and prioritizes work. Open to new things, to change and is motivated by new challenges.



    Makes things happen with a simple, practical approach, is hands-on, goes straight to the point, simplifies things and cuts out bureaucracy, but respects the rules.



    Direct, sincere, true and transparent in relationships, always respectful, positive and welcoming. Does not remain quiet and expresses opinions, even if they differ from others. Knows how to say no.



    Knows how to listen, pays attention, considers the opinions of others, it doesn’t matter who, what matters is we did it. Not ashamed to ask or admit he doesn’t know. Is not arrogant or vain and acts with respect. No concern for status and admits there us much still to learn. We comes before I.

Our beliefs

  • Focus on details;
  • Take a hands-on approach;
  • Our achievements are based on hard work;
  • The right person in the right place;
  • Passion for what we do;
  • Attitude is more important than knowledge;
  • Leaders must win their subordinates’ trust;
  • Lead by example;
  • Focus on results;
  • Work with people better than us;
  • Belief makes the difference;
  • Product quality.


JBS has over 235 thousand employees in more than 20 countries. The company’s relationship with its employees focuses on attracting and retaining talent and its respect for ethnic and religious diversity. The company disavows any form of discrimination.  New employees are placed on an integration program that presents the JBS Culture and the company’s principles.  The program also addresses Quality Control, Ethics, Corporate Governance, the Environment, Human Resources and Sustainability issues.


Quality and innovation JBS employs strict processes throughout its production chain to guarantee the quality, health, safety and sustainability of all its products. Find out more