New packaging concept developed by Seara won a major award, demonstrating

the Company’s ongoing focus on innovation, wellness and sustainability


Seara won an award at the 13th Major Packaging Cases Awards for developing a new Organic Chicken tray which is 100% recyclable, reflecting the range’s focus on natural, healthy and sustainable products. This achievement showcases the Company’s commitment to the Q for Quality standard and strengthens the importance of innovation across all production stages, adding value for consumers.


The initiative by EmbalagemMarca magazine highlights and promotes and packaging excellence in the Brazilian industry. The awards ceremony was held at the National Commercial Apprenticeship Service unit (SENAC) in Interlagos, São Paulo.


The Seara Organic Chicken packaging concept is different because of the product itself and its added value. The tray’s filling area is thermoformed in PET material with tiny inverted holes in the bottom. This technique ensures the product does not touch the top of the packaging, regardless of its shelf position.