The issue  is one of JBS’ core values which the Company works on every day


October is traditionally the Animal Welfare Month at JBS. During the event created to celebrate World Animal Day (October 4), the Company holds a series of awareness activities for Team Members and partners showcasing the importance of Animal Welfare, one of the four core Sustainability tenets that underpin the Company’s entire production chain.


The Animal Welfare institutional seal was launched to celebrate the day and to underline the Company’s animal welfare commitment. This seal symbolizes and unifies discussions and initiatives across all the Company’s Friboi and Seara animal protein (beef, pork and poultry) businesses in Brazil.


The seal is applied to the uniforms of Team Members working with animal handling; on communication material and Animal Welfare kits for cattle breeders and integrated producers; and on other (internal and external) materials.


The Company unveiled the seal on Animal Welfare Day, which also included activities for head office Team Members in São Paulo. A special lunch was also served using Seara DaGranja products, which have the Animal Welfare seal. Team Members also had the opportunity to visit an Animal Welfare truck provided by Friboi and organized in partnership with TRP Caminhões Seminovos, a JBS Novos Negócios division.


In November, the Company also attended the International Animal Welfare Symposium: a sustainable business strategy. Organized by the World Animal Protection and Humane Society International NGOs, the event was an opportunity for food industry, production, retail and financial industry, academic and government representatives to meet and discuss animal welfare actions and commitments in poultry and pork chains. ​


Friboi strengthens Animal Welfare practices


Friboi has also been involved in significant animal welfare efforts. The Company began another phase of the “Vacina, Peão!” campaign to teach cattle breeders across the country how to correctly vaccinate against foot-and-mouth disease and avoid the repercussions the disease could have on the beef production chain.


Fábio Dias, director of Cattle Breeder Relations at Friboi, said the goal is to improve production chain efficiency and standardize vaccination techniques. “We support towards animal welfare by mitigating potential errors that could compromise productivity when disposing of carcasses. It benefits cattle breeders, companies and the industry as a whole”, said Dias.


Friboi also launched the “Best Handling Practices – In the Pen” guidebook in partnership with MSD Saúde Animal and the State University of São Paulo (UNESP) to further promote Animal Welfare. The guidebook aims to improve cattle handling, mitigating the risk of accidents and minimizing stress for both animals and employees alike.


Professor Mateus Paranhos was invited to deliver a speech to head office Team Members in São Paulo, discussing the direct correlation between Animal Welfare and Sustainability, an increasingly important global issue.


“Animal Welfare is strategic for JBS, mainly out of respect for the animals but also because it allows us to add value to our products and ensure customer satisfaction. The difference is in the best practices we encourage daily among our Team Members”, said Emília Raucci, Friboi Quality director.


Seara sponsors animal welfare activities among its Team Members


Seara’s poultry and pork plants also organized several activities to celebrate the Animal Welfare Day, underlining the brand’s commitment to the issue. The pork plants in Itapiranga, in the state of Santa Catarina; in Dourados, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, and in São Miguel do Oeste, in the state of São Paulo won the competition for “Best Animal unloading and management”.