The Company’s commitment to sustainability was recognized with a certification that

acknowledges greenhouse gas emission accountability in the state of Paraná


For the fourth consecutive year, JBS received the Clima Paraná certificate which the Paraná state government awards to companies that voluntarily report their greenhouse gas emissions figures from their operations in the state to the State Department for Sustainable Development and Tourism.


In 2019, the 5th edition of the initiative was held at the Paraná State Federation of Industry (FIEP) and was attended by 36 companies.


To ensure reporting accuracy, JBS collected data from plants in Paraná on fuel used to generate energy at its operations and power consumption. The report also included data on waste management and fuel consumption for transportation.


“Environmental Management is one of the JBS Sustainability area’s core strategies. The Clima Paraná Certificate highlights our commitment to the environment”, said Claudia Jardim, the Company’s Sustainability coordinator. “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all of the Company’s Brazilian operations is one of our top priorities”, said Claudia.


JBS has eight production plants in Paraná in the cities of Campo Mourão, Carambeí, Jacarezinho, Jaguapitã, Lapa, Rolândia, Santa Fé and Santo Inácio, in addition to animal feed plants, hatcheries and dedicated poultry farms.