JBS is highlighted by the CDP Supply Chain

The company is part of a select group of leading companies in best sustainability practices.


São Paulo, February 10, 2017 – JBS has been awarded A- and B grades for best practices and management in Climate Change and Water, respectively, during the third edition of the CDP Supply Chain program. Organized by CDP, an organization that offers the largest and most wide ranging environmental reporting system in the world, the new report, “Deepening Engagement for a Low Carbon Future”, provides data from 300 domestic and 500 Latin American companies, showing the progress that has been made on sustainability issues and highlighting the risks and opportunities of climate change and water security.


“Initiatives such as this are critical in advancing discussions on climate change and its impact on companies and the entire supply chain. JBS is pleased with the results it has obtained over the past several years and believes we can make more progress as leaders in this area, alongside other companies”, said Claudia Jardim, a Sustainability specialist at JBS.


Using information collected from member companies and their suppliers, the objective is to understand how companies are managing risk, leveraging opportunities and encouraging their supplies to take initiatives to manage and reduce environmental risks and impacts. JBS contacted four strategic customers and asked them to respond to its carbon and water questionnaires. With these responses, the companies initiatives gain visibility and showed its high-level management of these issues.


In addition to recognizing standout companies every year, the CDP has also announced it is launching a pilot project called CDP Supply Chain Forests and JBS is one of the founding members.“The project is intended to obtain information from agricultural commodity suppliers (Palm oil, soybeans, cattle and timber) on the actions they are taking to combat deforestation linked with their activities. By doing so, our goal is to develop strategies to engage the value chain and help contribute to global targets for reducing environmental impacts from this type of activity, and help our suppliers disclose their experiences and increase their knowledge of the issues involved”, said Alexandre Kavati, a JBS Sustainability specialist.


CDP scores can be used to monitor each company’s progress in each of the four categories: information disclosure (graded D- and D), awareness (graded C- and C), management (graded B- and B) and leadership, which is described as the adoption of best practices (graded A and A-).


About JBS

JBS is one of the world’s leading food industry companies with approximately 235,000 employees in over 20 countries. The company owns a portfolio of brands that are acknowledged for their excellence and innovation, such as Doriana, Friboi, Moy Park, Pilgrim’s Pride, Primo, Seara, Swift and others, serving over 300,000 customers of more than 150 nationalities worldwide. The company’s focus on innovation also reflects its management approach to related businesses in areas such as leather, biodiesel, collagen, personal hygiene and cleaning products, natural wrappings, solid waste management solutions, metal packaging and transportation. JBS has adopted best corporate governance and sustainability practices throughout its value chain and its operational management focuses on guaranteeing high food quality and safety and animal welfare.



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