Livestock Breeder Relations

In order to strengthen customer services and relationships with cattle supplies, JBS created the Livestock Breeder Relations area that prioritizes each producer’s requirements and ensures that the industry offers consumers the best possible products.

Since 2012, JBS has been developing and implementing a number of tools in order to improve this relationship. One of them is the Quality Ranking – correlating a carcass’s technical parameters to obtain either a green light (desired standard), yellow light (tolerable standard) or red light (undesirable standard). This operates alongside a number of classification protocols, including Working Together for Successful Cattle, which currently represents 80% of meat processed. JBS also provides photographic information on finishing classes with validation from academics, industry associations and specialists to ensure that carcass grading is transparent and auditable.

The Giro do Boi – a daily program for cattle breeders broadcast on the Rural Channel offers breeders important information. We also operate the Livestock Breeder Website, which offers producers free access to the full set of records of all animals slaughtered at each of their farms. The website is available to all breeders and JBS currently has a base of 70,000 registered breeders, of which 3,000 use the website regularly.

Integrated Supply Chain Relations

In order to guarantee the origin of pork and poultry raw materials, Seara has implemented vertically integrated production systems. Under this business model, producers are provided all of the inputs needed to rear safe and healthy pork and poultry and guidance on production processes and best enviromental pratices. JBS tightly manages every stage of production process, from genetic selection of breeding animals and processing to product point of sale delivery. This affords us greater control over sanitary and nutritional issues and guarantees product quality, food safety and cost efficiency.


Sustainability JBS believes that the inclusion of sustainability principles in all operations enables innovation and the continuous evolution of its business. Find out more