JBS receives more than 120 audits annually in its units, with the objective of maintaining and winning new certifications. It is these certifications that allow each of the company’s units to be able to export to the most varied markets.

We win the trust of the most important and rigorous clients in the world. We have our plants approved for special markets and general list of the Ministry of Agriculture. We responsibly attend national and international legal requirements, without distinction, and we produce under specific codes of customers and markets.

The quality of JBS products is constantly audited by governments of different countries, clients and certification companies, who visit the company’s plants to follow all the steps of the processes that guarantee the quality and health of the meat marketed by the company.

At JBS, innovation happens everywhere. Innovation is applied to consumers, which means the company monitors and predicts consumer habits and changes in behavior in order to detect trends. Innovation is also an aspect of many other activities, from new product launches to consumer communications, including product improvements or segmentation, changes to packaging or ingredients, and new commercial approaches.

The company also innovates throughout the value chain. It introduces new processes and technologies to engage suppliers and draw additional value from its raw materials by using them in other industries.

Quality Commitment JBS has strict processes throughout its production chain to guarantee the quality, health, safety and sustainability of all its products. The company also has a Chemical Waste Control Program that carries out ongoing laboratory analyses and in-depth studies for its products. Find out more
Product Development One of the pillars that has helped JBS consolidate its position as one of the world’s largest food companies is innovation. There are many examples of the different and unique approaches the company has taken in its structure, on the production line and in its communications. Find out more
Technology and processes One of the company’s trademarks is the way it uses technology to improve processes and product quality. Apart from simply updating production lines in packaging, JBS believes in offering consumers a different and optimized experience. Find out more
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About JBS JBS, a company with over 60 years’ experience, is a global food industry leader with over 230 thousand employees worldwide. JBS operates production platforms and commercial offices in 16 countries and has a diverse product portfolio that includes dozens of instantly recognizable global brands.  The company is also active in other sectors related to its […] Find out more