Seara has partnered with the Amigos do Bem project, a 25-year-old initiative to improve social and economical development in the Northeast plains region. The JBS company has begun donating food to four schools in the states of Alagoas, Ceará and Pernambuco. Around 10 thousand children are already benefitting from healthier and higher quality food.


The Amigos do Bem project offers educational and professional training activities by supporting employees and volunteers involved in initiatives to broaden education, skills and social inclusion. The goal is to support important issues in the Northeastern rural communities, such as health, water, housing and work.


Teams also provide local residents with medical and dental care. Groups have already built over 400 brick homes for families that previously lived in mud houses, in addition to 112 cisterns that provide water to remote communities.


As part of the sustainable development effort, over one thousand direct jobs at cashew and pepper plantations, candy and honey facilities, craftsmanship, sewing, pharmacy and bakery workshops have been created and other projects help communities become more self-sufficient.


This Seara partnership supports the good work Amigos do Bem has been doing since the project began. “We are happy to partner with companies that are concerned about the social causes we support. Suitable protein will clearly help children develop their learning abilities, improve their health as they grow and help them play their roles as citizens”, said Alceu Caldeira, institutional director at Amigos do Bem.


Fábio Artifon, Seara’s Logistics Director, discussed how happy the company was to be partnering with the project. “We are proud to have the opportunity to support the project, especially because we are in a position to help the children who represent the future of this county”, he said.


The Seara staff handling the deliveries are also celebrating the donations. “The company’s Northeastern branch is very happy to help and be a part of this project to bring quality food to disadvantaged regions” said Leandro Belo, Manager of the company’s North and Northeastern Region.


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