Over 13 thousand employees in Brazil have undergone animal welfare training


JBS is committed to animal welfare, which is why the issue is one of the Company’s global sustainability priorities. JBS product quality is intimately linked with the welfare of all our animals. The Company is focused on ensuring the most appropriate animal treatment, handling and slaughter procedures are adopted during all phases of the production process.


In 2018, it invested R$ 88.2 million in improving animal welfare practices across the organization and at all its facilities, which adhere to production techniques and policies based on humane slaughter principles.


All JBS units have specialist, multidisciplinary teams for each type of protein. These teams undergo constant training and are responsible for ensuring that animal welfare policies and procedures are being followed and implemented correctly at all times. In addition to training its employees and suppliers, the Company also carries out frequent internal audits, sets targets and verifies the need to make additional investments or adjust processes to ensure its recommendations are followed. For example, over 13.3 thousand JBS employees and producers in Brazil were trained in 2018.


Additionally, Friboi employees were also asked to sign a document acknowledging they have been informed and ae aware of the company’s guidelines. There is also an e-learning platform with courses on animal welfare best practices, which includes videos on related techniques.


The Company’s integrated poultry producers and cattle suppliers also receive technical guidance, training and support to ensure they comply with all of its animal welfare policies, procedures and guidelines, worldwide. Any breach of Animal Welfare Program policies by employees or suppliers will attract disciplinary action and may lead to termination of employment or the relevant raw material supply agreement.