Industry and NGO representatives debated the main industry practices and the growing focus on issues such as animal welfare


Sustainability has become an increasingly important issue for the global animal protein market. As a result, it was chosen as the theme for an exclusive panel at the most recent edition of the International Poultry and Pork Trade Show (SIAVS 2019), which was held at the Anhembi Park in São Paulo between August 27 and 29. The debate was moderated by Claudia Jardim, JBS’s Sustainability coordinator, and speakers included representatives from the pork and poultry industry, Certified Humane Brazil and NGOs such as WAP and HSI Brazil.


There were around 50 people in the audience who listened as the group debated one of the event’s main themes, which is the importance of animal welfare across the industry production chain – an increasingly important issue among industry stakeholders and particularly end consumers. As a result, the industry’s biggest players have been improving their practices and seeking certification from reputable institutions, such as Certified Humane.


Claudia Jardim said the industry’s biggest companies play an important role leading these discussions and implementing best sustainability practices. “The panel was an opportunity for everyone here to find out a little bit more about the big issues that companies, industry organizations and NGOs have been debating recently and to swap knowledge and experience”, she said.


During SIAVS 2019, Gilberto Tomazoni, JBS’s Global CEO, was also on a panel of executives and he took the opportunity to speak about the Company’s global operations in front of an expert audience.


This year was the fourth edition of SIAVS, which was organized by the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA). It is Brazil’s biggest pork and poultry industry event.