During the event, the Company discussed a number of priorities, such as water, animal welfare,

energy, greenhouse gas emissions and employee health and safety


JBS organized the 2nd Global Sustainability Meeting at its headquarters in São Paulo between August 20 and 23 where it set out to define sustainability targets, policies and strategies for JBS business units worldwide through 2025. At the event were around 20 of the Company’s top executives responsible for some of its most important markets such as Brazil, the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Europe.


The meeting discussed the Company’s main sustainability areas: water, animal welfare, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, plastic usage and recycling, Team Members health and safety and the Company’s social initiatives. Based on figures reported by JBS’s worldwide operations, the group set targets and defined policies for each strategic area. The project is now being finalized and the resulting commitments will be published in due course.


During the event, Gilberto Tomazoni, JBS’s Global CEO, spoke about the importance of the Company’s work. “Sustainability is one of our priorities and we are taking the issue very seriously. People make the difference and we have a global team that is fully focused on implementing best practices. We want to raise the bar and set the course for industry and consumers”, he said.


“In addition to our global targets, we also defined global policies for a number of fundamental issues in our industry, such as animal welfare and human rights”, said Márcio Nappo, JBS’s Sustainability director in Brazil. Cameron Bruett, head of Institutional Relations for JBS USA, noted that the Company’s global efforts have put JBS ahead of other companies. “Consumer behavior is changing and rather than just buying products, consumers now want us to take a stand on sustainability. As a result, the fact sustainability is one of the Company’s priorities has contributed to our growth”.


JBS Couros is symbolic of this commitment to sustainability


There is nothing better than formal, third-party recognition to underline the Company’s commitments. CSCB – Brazilian Leather Sustainability Certification has recommended that JBS Couros, which is already a benchmark for sustainability, receive Gold Certification for its factory in Marabá (PA).


“We passed an environmental, social, economic and sustainability audit, achieving an average 97% compliance in all 160 audit items and not a single noncompliance. The Marabá factory is Brazil’s first Wet Blue tannery to receive CSCB recommendation for Gold certification and we are immensely proud of this achievement”, said Fabio Leser, manager of the Wet Blue plant in Marabá.