Employees are invited to study during working hours.

Janete Stein, a production operator, explains what it was like to learned how to read and write at 50


Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 2-4 pm, employee Janete Stein leaves the offal room at the Seara Unit (SC) to pick up pen and paper. At the age of 50, it was there in the factory itself that she learned to write her own name for the first time. In fact, she learned to read and write so she could tell the story of her life and how she overcame her problems in her own words.


Janete is involved in the Seara project with Sesi to educate youngsters and adults, from literacy through to Middle School, and which has been acknowledged with the FIESC Santa Catarina for Education award in the “Elevating Basic Scholarship” category, competing against another 250 countries.


Born Lagoão (RS) as one of six children, Janete tells her parents didn’t give her the opportunity to go to school. “When I was small, it wasn’t mandatory. Time went by and we get used to it. I never imagined I would have the opportunity to learn to read and write at work. This changed my life”, she said.


The project started at the unit just over two years ago and 70 employees have benefitted since then. The first group will be concluding the course in the first half of 2019.