Origination area sends kits focusing on best handling practices to partner breeders


JBS has developed a project focusing on partner livestock breeders which involves distributing kits with handling flags, a poster and a booklet illustrated with guidelines to help day-to-day farm work that involves cattle, to encourage more people to adopt animal welfare practices. Twenty thousand units will be distributed to farmers across Brazil.


“Animal welfare is an important issue for us and we have developed several initiatives to raise awareness and inform our suppliers, presenting strategies and techniques that reinforce the importance of taking good care of animals and guarantee productive and sustainable efficiency for producers”, said Fabio Dias, Livestock Breeder Relationship director at JBS.


Developed with support from the Animal Ecology and Etiology Study and Research Group (Etco Group) at UNESP – Jaboticabal, the material suggest taking steps that promote animal and human welfare – from birthing calves to transportation, as well as help reducing production losses, improving meat quality and increasing commercial opportunities by winning over even the most demanding markets.