The campaign will focus mainly on social media, with information explaining the importance of each step during

vaccination and helping livestock breeders across the country to apply vaccines correctly


JBS started the third phase of third round of its Vaccinate, Cowboy! campaign in November. The objective was to inform livestock breeders across the country how to properly vaccinate against foot and mouth disease, helping to reduce risks that could affect the entire beef production chain.


The campaign provided simple, clear and fun instructions on the four basic steps required to properly apply the vaccine: (1) vaccinate at the base of the neck, (2) vaccinate subcutaneously, (3) use the right needle, which must be in good condition, (4) don’t rush vaccination.


The campaign focused mainly on social media, with information explaining the importance of each step during vaccination. The company used exclusive Facebook and Instagram profiles to distribute new content every day. Additionally, anyone looking for additional information was able to visit the Vaccinate Cowboy website, created exclusively to host booklets, presentations and leaflets ready for download and printing. This material highlighted the basic aspects of correct vaccination.


“Livestock breeders are increasingly connected, therefore the third phase of our campaign was fully digital”, said Fabio Dias, Livestock Breeder Relationship manager at JBS Carnes. The executive also noted that standardizing vaccine application techniques is increasingly important because mistakes could result in meat being rejected, which would have a major financial impact across the production chain, among other issues.


Since the first phase began in November 2017, campaign videos have received 800 thousand views on social media.