After its success on the domestic market, the range offers antibiotic-free cuts of poultry raised

on 100% vegetable feed and will be available in Dubai from November


In November, Seara Alimentos started exporting Seara DaGranja products and it is be the first Brazilian food company to offer fresh chicken products in the Middle East. All poultry cuts comply with strict and sophisticated international quality standards and are accompanied by animal welfare certification that attests to the fact no antibiotics were used at any stage during poultry breeding. Additionally, all feed using during breeding is 100% vegetable.


The Seara range of natural chicken will be known as Seara 100% Natural in the Middle East. Four products are available to serve regional preferences and they all comply with Islamic rules. “Prior to starting exports to the Middle East, Seara tested products and concepts with local consumers and the results were very promising. The goal is to continue innovating and increasing the variety of our portfolio”, said Marcos Delorenzo, Marketing and New Business director at Seara MENA (Middle East and North Africa).


“The DeGranja range is already a success in Brazil. Since its launch in 2015, sales have risen annually ahead of the average 26% reported across the category in 2017. We believe this trend will gain strength as what these products have to offer is attractive to an increasing number of consumers looking for natural foods that provide information about their origin. These changing habits match the results from our studies”, said Ivan Siqueira, Seara’s executive director of Fresh Products on the Domestic Market.


“The MENA is an important market for Seara and next year, we plan to expand sales of the 100% Natural range into other markets around the world”, said Antonio Augusto Di Toni, executive director for Exports.