The campaign raised approximately 2.8 tons of food, which was matched by JBS;

Every area at the company’s head office was involved, in addition to staff in other states and countries.


At its headquarters in São Paulo, JBS organized a campaign which ran from November 13 to December 13 to collect food for the Christmas without Hunger Campaign (“Campanha Natal Sem Fome” in Portuguese), created by the Citizenship Action (“Ação da Cidadania” in Portuguese) NGO. The Company promised to double any donations and organized a number of communication initiatives to mobilize its staff. Employee engagement and the final outcome were surprising: in one month, 2.8 tons of food were collected. With the JBS donation, 5.7 thousand kilos of food were delivered to the institution.


“This was a wonderful campaign where every area was involved in attracting donations. Around 2.5 thousand people work at our head office, but the results were well beyond anything we expected. We hope that by working together, we have been able to transform Christmas for many families”, said Verônica Coelho, Corporate Human Resources director.


Donations came from every area and from staff in other states and countries.


Christmas without Hunger is one of the biggest initiatives in Brazil to support the needy. Created in 1994, it has already helped tens of millions of people throughout the country enjoy a better Christmas. During the most recent addition, the campaign distributed food baskets to over 200 registered organizations.