Federal government program authorizes sales of decarbonization credits


JBS Biodiesel, one of Brazil’s most sustainable companies, has just become the first corporation in the country to receive authorization to issue decarbonization credits (CBIOs) under the RenovaBio program. The Company plans to place over 600 thousand CBIOs on the market annually.


The certificate, issued by the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuel Agency (ANP), authorizes companies to issue credits which can be purchased by fuel distribution from 2020, as means of offsetting their fossil fuel sales.


The seal, validated by Green Domus, certifies that JBS biodiesel emits 11 times fewer greenhouse gases than fossil fuel diesel, reducing emissions by 91.3%.


“JBS Biodiesel’s products are clearly some of the most efficient in the world in energy-environment terms. Each thousand liters of biodiesel the Company produces to replace conventional diesel eliminates more than two tones of CO2e”, said Alexandre Pereira, JBS Biodiesel director.


Based on Green Domus forecasts and JBS Biodiesel production volumes in 2018 (260 million liters), the Company’s operations will neutralize approximately 640 thousand tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. This is equivalent to the emissions from a city with 67 thousand residents.


These above-average results are based on the operational profiles at each of JBS Biodiesel’s plants. Most of their biodiesel is made using animal fats from the JBS production chain and used cooking oil.


Óleo Amigo project showcases corporate commitment


As part of the focus on its environmental footprint, the JBS Biodiesel Óleo Amigo (Friendly Oil) project, which recovers used frying oil in the Lins region (SP), organized several special activities throughout September to celebrate Arbor Day.


Representatives from JBS Biodiesel and the project itself attend the opening event at Fatec in Lins (SP) to raise awareness about the importance of our trees and the Tietê River. The initiative was supported by the Eduardo Bicalho Magalhães Rehabilitation Center (Crebim), a local charitable organization that helps people with mental disorders and physical disabilities. The project team also helped plant 100 seedlings to celebrate the city’s 100th anniversary.


The Óleo Amigo project also began a pilot project at a state school in São José do Rio Preto (SP) in September. The initiative is expected to expand to include most of the local schools run by the city.