JBS Ambiental presented its circular economy model at the 17th Feiplastic (International Plastics Fair), one of the plastics industry’s biggest events. The event was held in São Paulo between April 22 and 26, focusing on “Innovation for success”.


The JBS Ambiental plastic recycling process now includes three innovation cycles. First, virgin resin is purchased to make food bags for Friboi. When they are thrown away, the packaging is returned to JBS Ambiental and converted into covers for the pallets JBS Couros uses to export its products (the company uses pallets at its production and logistics warehouses). Once the covers have been used, they are sent back to JBS Ambiental and converted into trash bags used by every JBS plant.


“Our main goal is to ensure the plastic stays within the cycle for as long as possible, adding value to the resulting products, resources and materials, reducing waste and generating an overall sustainability gain”, said Fabio Maranho, R&D and Projects Manager at JBS Ambiental.


This smart strategy has helped the company recycle 6.4 thousand tons of plastic annually, making it one of Brazil’s top private-sector recyclers. Research and ongoing investments helps transform would-be waste into products that add value to the chain and JBS Ambiental plans to double the amount of plastic it recycles in 2019, reusing approximately 13 thousand tons of material that will no longer pollute the environment.