The event was attended by university students, government officials and NGO representatives


JBS Ambiental representatives attended the 1st Environmental Education and Waste Management Forum in Lins (SP), organized by UNILINS. During the event, they presented the Company’s circular plastics economy to local government employees and university partner NGOs, students on Civil and Environmental Engineering courses and members from the Friendly Oil (Óleo Amigo) project team from JBS Biodiesel, which is run in partnership with JBS Ambiental.


Marilis Lopes, an Environmental analyst at JBS Ambiental, said the Company’s involvement with the event was productive. “This was a unique opportunity to discuss waste management, highlighting people’s awareness about separation, which is a critical stage in waste disposal”.


The JBS Novos Negócios division uses the closed plastics to correctly dispose of waste generated by Friboi’s plants. In addition to producing packaging using virgin resin, the facility also produces pallet covers for JBS Couros and garbage bags that are distributed to all JBS factories in Brazil from its own recycled plastic resin. The strategy is to keep the material in the Company’s production chain as long as possible.


JBS Ambiental recycles 6,400 thousand tons of plastic generated by JBS operations every year. This is equivalent to 1.07 billion supermarket bags, or approximately 376.5 million 30-liter trash bags. JBS Ambiental also recycles over 4,000 thousand tons of cardboard from JBS plants every year.