Seara continues to increase its investment in innovation and is now offering a complete

portfolio of free range chickens bred without hormones or growth promoters


Seara Alimentos has just unveiled another major launch for consumers who want better everyday meal options: Seara Organic Chicken. The chickens used to produce this full range of 100% organic products are free range and bred without hormones or growth promoters; they are also fed a vegetable-based, organic and non-transgenic diet. The chickens receive special care in line with best animal welfare practices.


Seara Organic Chicken breeding complies with the guidelines in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply’s Organic Management Plan, which guarantees production chain traceability and ensures we take all environmental measures required for this type of sustainable breeding operation. All products in the range carry the IBD Organic seal from “IBD Certificações”, Latin America’s largest certification organization, which audits and monitors the entire production process.


The birds have complete freedom to express their natural behavior during the breeding process, including access to outside areas. The chickens also receive a balanced diet which includes non-transgenic corn and soy, with added vitamins and minerals. The birds are not given any hormones, growth promoters or additives, as required by Brazilian legislation, and receive all the care they need from a team of technicians and veterinarians to comply with best animal welfare practices. This new range also comes in innovative, 100% recyclable packaging.


“Seara, a chicken specialist, is a long-standing investor in solutions that unite innovation and technology to offer consumers products that reflect major global trends. This range is indicative of the quality and credibility of our poultry products, both of which are crucial factors in a fast-growing market. We are offering consumers who are looking to purchase unique products and want to live a healthier lifestyle an even more enticing portfolio”, said José Cirilo, executive director of Marketing at Seara Alimentos.