Seara, JBS Novos Negócios and Swift are organizing initiatives to show inclusion is part of the Company’s DNA


JBS has an ongoing commitment to inclusion. The Company encourages its many operations and businesses to consistently focus on ways of promoting best inclusion practices.


As part of this approach, Seara held an alternate version of the traditional Length of Service Recognition event at its Ipumirim (SC) plant: as part of the focus on inclusion, the event included a performance by the sign language choir from the Association of Family and Friends of the Hearing Impaired (APAS) in the city of Concórdia (SC). Robson Deola, a Team Member with Down’s syndrome, was responsible for introducing the “Safety Dialogue” during the event.


In the city of Itaiópolis, also in the stated of Santa Catarina, Seara helped organize a job fair for People with Disabilities (PwD’s). The event was organized in partnership with the local Welfare Reference Center (CRAS).


In addition to announcing job opportunities, the Company also used the event to promote the plant’s inclusion program, which currently employs 52 disabled people from the local community.  “While we need to respect their needs, the disabled should be treated just like everyone else. The fact is that their work is often exemplary”, said Maria Ofélia Schneider, Seara’s Human Resources analyst in the plant located in Itaiópolis.


Swift is also launching a number of inclusion initiatives. The Human Resources department recently organized the 2ndCafé com Inclusão” (Coffee and Inclusion) event, which was attended by 80 Company leaders, including managers and supervisors, to discuss diversity and inclusion for the disabled.


The event showcased real-life situations proving that diversity is beneficial for the businesses. Two speakers, one of them disabled, were invited to share their experiences, highlighting the importance of seeing what everyone has to offer and helping them realize their full potential.


“The meeting underlined the importance of managers interacting with the families of disabled persons. We understand that we need to develop and retain these people”, said Ana Batista, Human Resources analyst at Swift.


“We can see improvements every day, when our customers are actively looking for disabled persons to serve them. The meeting was a great opportunity to increase awareness and congratulate our team. All the issues addressed will be passed on to our Team Members”, she said.  


Natural Casings, a division of JBS Novos Negócios, also organized a highly assertive action.  The Company’s factory in Ituiutaba (MG) organized a sign language class to celebrate Deaf Awareness Day on September 26.


The plant’s team invited a professional interpreter to teach sign language to all Team Members in honor of its hearing impaired staff. At the end, every participant received a pamphlet with the sign language alphabet. It was a great opportunity to celebrate inclusion.