In March, staff at the Goiânia (GO) unit attended awareness talks and took part in discussions on inclusion for the disabled. One of the training courses focused on Brazilian Sign Language (Libras). The unit currently has 28 disabled employees.


JBS’s policy is to continuously support community development providing education and training courses for children and youngsters, professional training courses for teenagers and adults and training and social inclusion for the disabled. Each business platform has the authority to decide how it will support its local community – through sponsorship, employee volunteering or direct investment.



The Inclusion Program for the Disabled was created in 2018 to increase awareness and disabled people integrate and adapt to the workplace, local teams and common areas and has helped improve the Company’s ability to attract and retain talent. JBS currently has over 2.4 thousand disabled people on it staff in various areas and businesses across Brazil.



JBS’s Experimental Workshop Project is organized in conjunction with with public and private sector institutions to improve job market inclusion for the disabled. The project currently offers 14 workshops in Andradina (SP), Barra do Garças (MT), Barretos (SP), Campo Grande (MS), Itapetininga (SP), Ituiutaba (MG), Itumbiara (GO), Iturama (MG), Lins (SP), Marabá (PA), Mozarlândia (GO), Redenção (PA), Santana do Araguaia (PA) and Vilhena (RO). 215 people have already concluded the workshops and 147 have found jobs at JBS. The Company has invested more than R$ 1 million in the project since it began.