The online platform, the first of its kind in the industry, streamlines the commercial

relationship with farmers, from animal sourcing to processing


São Paulo, May 8, 2019 – Friboi, Brazil’s leading beef producer, has taken another step in its digital transformation of livestock farming, unveiling a unique platform for cattle sales and services, called Friboi Pecuarista (Friboi Livestock Producer) which is now available for mobile devices (Google Play and Apple Store) and on the internet.


The system simplifies contact between suppliers and the Friboi sourcing area and is more democratic, giving all farmers the same fast, high quality access to the company. Transactions carried out via the platform will be much faster. Until recently, all cattle purchases used one of two trading systems: the “spot” market or “Cattle Futures” contracts. Now, livestock farmers have a third option of trading via a digital market.


“We are making headway in our digital transformation efforts across the industry. We pioneered changes to the sourcing process when we introduced Cattle Futures and have increased the use of carcass grading and remuneration protocols. Now we are putting this relationship and our services in the palm of every farmer’s hand”, said Renato Costa, president of Friboi.


The Friboi Pecuarista platform will streamline trading, can be used to monitor the entire process, from sale to slaughter and provides access to past trades. The platform offers three functions:


  1. “I Want to Sell” – farmers can look up market prices specifically suggested for their farm and region and can offer their cattle directly to the company;


  1. “My Trades” – here, cattle farmers can monitor every stage of each trade, from closing the sale, shipping and slaughter to billing and can also consult past trades;


  1. “Online Processing” – in this area, cattle farmers can monitor carcass weighing, grading and Quality Ranking in real time.


The new platform will also create opportunities for new farmers, who can register via the platform and trade lots of 18 animals or more. “The platform is secure, offers equal access to livestock farmers of all sizes and makes the entire process more transparent by providing real-time information,” said the executive.


All transactions that use the Friboi Pecuarista platform are subject to Friboi’s raw material Responsible Procurement Policy, which already applies to the company’s other sales channels. The system is also interlinked with the company’s social and environmental monitoring process.


Digital transformation for livestock farming


The launch of the Friboi Pecuarista platform is another step in Friboi’s value chain digital transformation roadmap. Day-to-day production processes have been evolving and the company recently announced another application, Friboi Play, with interactive media and content for each of the company’s consumer ranges.


“We are making progress on a daily basis, implementing new system that improve the production chain and help us put even higher quality products on consumers’ tables”, said Costa.


Brazil’s Biggest-Selling Beef


From May, Friboi product packaging will start carrying the “Brazil’s Biggest-Selling Beef” stamp. Backed by Nielsen, the consultancy company, the gold seal will appear on products in the Friboi, Maturatta Friboi, Reserva Friboi and Do Chef Friboi ranges. This initiative is the result of a wide-ranging survey carried out in 2018, which compared the results from 50 beef brands sold by around 6,000 points of sale in Brazil.



About Friboi
Friboi has been revolutionizing the market for over 40 years by decommoditizing Brazilian beef and building brands.  The Company owns some of Brazil’s best known beef brands and has a broad product portfolio with the Company’s own name brand and market leader Friboi, as well as Maturatta Friboi, Do Chef Friboi, Reserva Friboi, 1953 Friboi and Swift Black, targeting a variety of different markets. As part of its focus on certified sourcing and food quality and safety, from animal welfare to end product delivery, Friboi has implemented best sustainability practices across the entire value chain and constantly monitors its cattle suppliers using satellite imagery, georeferenced farm maps and official government figures. The Company’s products are sold in over 150 countries and currently has 35 production units in Brazil.


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