Vaccinate, Cowboy! Campaign begins on May 1 with the slogan

“Vaccines alone are not enough, they must applied in the right place”


Sao Paulo, April 30, 2019 – On May 1, Wednesday, JBS will start the fourth edition of its educational campaign called Vaccinate, Cowboy!, which will teach livestock breeders nationwide how to properly vaccinate against foot and mouth disease.


Under the slogan “Vaccines are not enough, they must be applied in the right place”, the campaign gives simple and direct instructions on the four basic steps required to properly apply the vaccine: (1) vaccinate at the base of the neck, (2) vaccinate subcutaneously, (3) use the right needle, which must be in good condition, (4) don’t rush vaccination.


“The goal is to standardize foot and mouth vaccination techniques. Applying vaccines correctly is a simple solution that can help avoid issues in the production chain, such as export embargoes or discarded beef due to vaccine reactions in the carcass”, said Fábio Dias, Farmer Relationship director at Friboi.


In addition to the four steps for correct vaccination, the fourth edition of Vaccinate, Cowboy! provides additional tips and information, such as explaining that a small lump may appear if the vaccine is applied correctly. “This lump may appear, but it is a sign the vaccine was correctly applied under the skin. This will not jeopardize the meat”, said Dias.

Look out for the new 2 ml dosage


Starting this May, when the national livestock vaccination schedule begins, the dosage will drop from 5 ml to 2 ml, as advertised by the campaign.


This change in the National Program Against Foot-and-Mouth Disease (PNEFA) dosage means producers who are used to the former dosage should take care.


This lower dosage is expected to result in fewer adverse reactions in animals while also simplifying vaccine transportation, storage and handling.


Videos with livestock breeders and digital engagement


The ad campaign will air educational videos on social networks, following the same proven format used by previous campaigns. Previous campaign videos have had over 1.7 million views. The new version aims to further humanize the campaign, introducing real characters to convey the simplicity of vaccination and why we need vaccines in day to day livestock breeding operations.


The first edition of Vaccinate, Cowboy! took place on November 2017, with the launch of the www.vacinapeao.com.br website, created to host all of the campaign’s content and provide videos, guidebooks, presentations and brochures that are ready to download and print. The company also has exclusives pages on Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness on different platforms. The fourth edition will air until the end of May.



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