The deal will apply the program to all 36 Company’s production units


São Paulo, February 14, 2019 Friboi and the Brazilian Association of Nelore Breeders (ACNB) have announced a partnership to promote the Nelore breed and expand sales of high-quality nelore cuts to a broader and increasingly demanding market.


The deal will apply the Natural Nelore Protocol, which controls carcass management and production, to all 36 Friboi production units in ten states across the country, streamlining access to ACNB producers.


Both partners will also join forces to organize and promote the Nelore Quality Circuit, which the ACNB has organized for the past 20 years.


“Friboi and ACNB have great synergy. We have production units close to farms run by Nelore members across Brazil. That is why the Natural Nelore program will gain national prominence, contributing towards strengthening this particular breed, which is one of the most important breeds in Brazil, represeting 80% of Brazilian beef herds”, said Renato Costa, president of Friboi. “Our experience partnering with farmers and helping to manage and promote the product has been a great help, allowing us to offer high-quality beef to consumers in Brazil and around the world”, said the executive.


“Nelore meat is Brazilian meat. We are very pleased to announce the partnership with Friboi, one of the world’s largest meatpacking and beef processing companies, which will clearly leverage the Natural Nelore Program, an initiative to increase recognition for producers of high-quality meat. In addition to promotional activities for Nelore meat, the improved payments for producers who meet pre-determined parameters and expansion of the Nelore Quality Circuit, this partnership will also include campaigns and provide tools to help breeders improve performance indicators and profitability and further promote the Nelore brand and the Brazilian livestock business. Everyone is a winner: breeders, industry, consumers and the country”, said Nabih Amin El Aouar, president of the ACNB.


Eduardo Pedroso, director of Sourcing at Friboi, is also very enthusiastic about the recent partnership. “Together with ACNB, we have developed a new payment protocol for cattle-breeders who are members of the Natural Nelore program, which will be immediately available at all our units. This partnership will benefit the entire value chain, providing consumers with high-quality meat and increasing production efficiency with more yield per hectare/year, directly boosting farmers’ incomes”, he said.


The partnership will also promote festivals focusing on selected cuts, as well as a dedicated venue for ACNB at national and international events attended by Friboi, such as supermarket trade fairs and industry exhibitions.


The Natural Nelore Program currently has 522 participating producers. Last year alone, this group supplied around 380 thousand animals that were used to produce high-quality meat, mostly in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.


Eduardo Pedroso, Vilemondes Garcia de Andrade Filho (vice-president of ACNB), Renato Costa and André Locatelli (executive manager of ACNB)


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