During the month that World Water Day is celebrated, the JBS Biodiesel team responsible for the Friendly Oil project visited schools, city halls and company partners to organize environmental awareness initiatives and explain how the company transforms used cooking oil into raw material to make biodiesel


They had a busy schedule. On March 15, team leaders attended an event at the Lins (SP) City Hall accompanied by city officials, teachers and representatives from local institutions. On the 19th, the city of Monte Aprazível (SP) officially joined the project during a launch event at a local technical school.


On March 21, the Lins Military Police and the city’s Traffic department provided support during an educational event organized across the city to teach local drivers how to properly dispose of used cooking oil. Sabesp also took part, releasing 2000 fish into the river that runs through the city. The following day, the team was involved in an event alongside representatives from other companies from Lins, Sabesp, the Fire Department, Army and Civil Defense Force, among others, teaching over 400 students from a local school about the importance of conserving water.



On March 23, company employees were involved in the Clean River Initiative, removing 7 tons of trash from a section of the river that runs through the city of Lins, collecting plastic, general waste, clothing and even electrical appliances.



The Friendly Oil Project already collects used cooking oil in 42 cities in the region surrounding Lins. Tatiana Souza, a logistics supervisor and the person in charge of the project, said the project had reached over 19,000 students, demonstrating how much type of awareness initiative helps educate people and further encourage proper waste disposal. “The goal is to tell people about river pollution, the cost of cleaning it up the volume of natural resources used to treat oil when it is disposed of incorrectly. A lot of people are unaware of these impacts and we can only raise people’s awareness through education”, she said.



The target in 2019 is to collect 4.5 million liters of used cooking oil through the Friendly Oil project. Alexandre Pereira, a JBS Biodiesel director, said the program is very important for biodiesel production. “Despite these fairly impressive figures, the program is important because it gives us an opportunity to interact with the general public, helping build JBS’s image as a sustainable company”, he said.


Water does not last forever – don’t waste it, use it sparingly
JBS celebrated World Water Day, March 22, with an in-house awareness campaign about the importance of saving water and using it sustainably. Water is one of the planet’s most important natural resources, but it is also a finite resource and we need to use it sustainably. JBS celebrated the day releasing an internal campaign encouraging people not to waste water and to use it responsibly.