The initiative will put regional farmers in a better position to invest in their farms and simultaneously support sustainability


Friboi, the JBS beef business unit, has signed an agreement with Araguaia League (“Liga do Araguaia” in Portuguese) to promote sustainable livestock farming and assist producers in the Médio Vale do Araguaia region, in the state of Mato Grosso.


As part of the Araguaia Herd (“Rebanho Araguaia” in Portuguese) project, the League organizes cattle breeders while Friboi provides the consultancy services to increase farmers’ pasture usage, not only to improve productivity, but also to help protect the local biome.


This partnership will enhance sustainable meat production in the Cerrado region and meet the demands of key customers who increasingly want products that meet social and environmental criteria. The goal is to transform the one of the main cattle producing regions in the country into a benchmark for best global practices. Together, 62 cattle farmers who are members of the Araguaia League and are based in the Médio Araguaia are helping protect 44 thousand hectares of Legal Reserve and another 10 thousand hectares of Permanent Preservation Area.


The Araguaia League, sponsored by Friboi, arranged a Field Day at Água Viva Farm to showcase its entirely sustainable production process and support the project. The event, held on July 6 and 7, was a demonstration for executives from a number of major companies, such as McDonald’s.


There is an organized group of innovative cattle breeders in Médio Vale do Araguaia who have set the bar in sustainable farming. By partnering with the Araguaia League, Friboi can ensure this meaningful and responsible work will continue across the region, bringing improved productivity, sustainability and environmental protection.