The course was led by Erika Voogd, from the US, a globally recognized animal welfare specialist


Friboi has just completed a major Animal Welfare training course for a group of Team Members. The course, led by Erika Voogd, an international guest and global animal welfare expert, in partnership with the “Instituto Certified Humane Brazil”, took place at the Friboi factory in Goiânia (GO) on September 8 and 9.


Around 40 people took the course, including Team Members at Friboi’s plant in Goiânia (GO) and staff from the Senador Canedo (GO) and Mozarlândia (GO) plants and the Company’s Corporate Quality and Animal Welfare department, as well as Certified Humane inspectors from Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.


On September 8, the course focused on theoretical content, which included a review of the Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines and Audit Guide, published by the North American Meat Institute (NAMI). Written in partnership with Temple Grandin, the guide covers areas such as animal transport and humane slaughter. Temple is considered to be one of the world’s foremost Animal Welfare experts and her studies are used as guidelines at all of JBS’s main beef operations worldwide. 


September 9 focused on practical training, which was also held at the Friboi factory in Goiânia. This part of the course included a simulated animal handling audit. The group visited every stage of the handling process, from the animal waiting area in the corral to product packaging and shipping to retail sales outlets. An assessment was carried out at the end of the course based on the NAMI Guide, covering everything that slaughter systems need to comply with in order to receive the Certified Humane animal welfare certificate.


“We were happy to open our doors at the factory in Goiânia and take this special opportunity to learn from Erika Voogd, who is one of the world’s biggest Animal Welfare experts”, said Talita Pugliese, Friboi’s Guaranteed Sourcing coordinator. “It was also a great occasion for our team and the Certified Humane team to exchange knowledge and experience”, she added.


JBS has made animal welfare one of its basic commitments and the issue is now one of the Company’s global and strategic sustainability priorities. In 2018, it invested R$ 88.2 million improving animal welfare practices across the organization and at all Company facilities, which adhere to production techniques and policies based on humane slaughter principles.