The event was attended by JBS suppliers as well as specialists and scientists from major multinational companies


The JBS Corporate Chemical Supplies area held the 2nd Water and Wastewater Treatment Workshop on August 14 and 15, which was attended by representatives from the Friboi and JBS Couros Environment departments and six of their suppliers.


Water and wastewater treatment specialists and scientists from multinationals across the industry were also invited to the event at JBS headquarters in the city of São Paulo. The workshop provided an opportunity for the participants to learn and exchange their experiences.


Industrial wastewater treatment is a priority for JBS because it helps maintain river water quality. More efficient wastewater treatment also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Importantly, Water and Climate Change are two of the Company’s main strategic issues and are addressed globally by all its business units.


“Activities like this showcase us the latest technology developments in the area as part of JBS’s commitment to sustainable water usage at all its operations. In addition to exchanging experiences with outside partners, the event was also a very important opportunity to discuss and generate synergies between businesses, benefitting everyone involved and laying the groundwork for possible partnerships”, said Rodrigo Pamplona de Oliveira Guimarães, JBS Chemical Supplies buyer.