Committee will discuss strategic issues for the protein industry, such as animal welfare, water management

and climate change, as well as an industry sustainability platform


JBS is chairing the recently created ABPA (Brazilian Animal Protein Association) Sustainability Chamber. JBS Sustainability coordinator Claudia Veiga Jardim will be leading the meetings, which will focus on discussing strategic or sensitive issues across the industry, including water management, animal welfare and climate change. The committee will also be responsible for developing and industry sustainability platform that will be presented during SIAVS (International Pork and Poultry Show) 2019, the industry’s biggest event which is being held from August 27-29. 15,000 visitors from 50 countries are expected to attend.


“We are a strategic group whose mission is to present industry trends towards improved water management and to promote sustainability in this and other areas. The legislation in this area is out of date and does not allow us to reduce or reuse water in situations where that would be possible. We can discuss this in the Chamber and present our conclusions to the government. With a large number of companies involved, we will be in a better position to support the industry’s interests”, said Claudia.


For JBS, chairing the Chamber is an opportunity to strengthen relationships and represent industry trends. “The ABPA is the industry’s foremost association and is a forum where we can work as a group, mapping national issues”, she concluded.


The ABPA holds a series of industry chamber meetings throughout the year to discuss matters of interest in areas such as exports, technology, logistics, legislation and tax, among several others.